about kismet

Welcome to KISMET! We are so happy you found us here.

KISMET is a series of high-vibe workshops for curious, creative, open-minded individuals looking to expand their interests and join a like-minded community in the San Francisco Bay Area. All workshops are geared toward helping people discover new interests that bring them joy and raise their vibration.

KISMET workshops fall into three categories: the mystical (astrology, vision boarding, manifestation, reiki), the tactile (jewelry-making, flower arranging, screen-printing) and the curious (talks and discussions on a variety of current and relevant issues). All sessions are held at trendy coffee houses, restaurants, tea rooms and studios in San Francisco and Oakland.

We believe that magic happens when people gather together. While bringing KISMET to our community, we aim to create a conscious space for women and men to show up with authenticity and honestly. We can’t wait to meet you.