October 19th, 2017: Libra New Moon

photo courtesy @mysticmamma (instagram)

photo courtesy @mysticmamma (instagram)

The 'New Moon' has been a buzzy phrase recently. But what exactly does it represent, and how can we activate it's power?  New Moons mark new beginnings—a time to lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest in the coming six months (intentions set during this October's new moon will be fully realized during the full moon next April). Rather than waiting for January 1st for a fresh start, New Moons are a perfect time to take inventory, look inward, and sow the seeds you'd like to reap.

What can we expect from this month's Libra New moon?

  • The desire to merge will also be strong right now, as Libra rules partnerships, from both romance to business.  Lean into this energy. As we learned a few weeks ago, Libras were not put on this earth to be alone.
  •  Because the Libra archetype represents balance, we can use this energy to shed light on any parts of our lives that need a little extra TLC, on gentle tending to.  This New Moon also offers us a moment to press pause before we enter next month's Scorpio energy, which will be highly intensified.
  • Venus, the planet of love and aesthete, rules Libra, which means we may be feeling an extra pull to beautify. It may be flowers by your bedside or an urge to kick your everyday look up a notch. It may sound vain, but Libra energy insists that it's worth it. Lean in!

How can I create a New Moon Ritual?

There is no specific formula—you don't need any specific crystals or sage sticks (although these can definitely help if they make you feel grounded!). What's most important is to take a moment to honor where you are, where you want to go, and what you need to release. We love manifestation advisor Lacy Phillips's tips on pulling inward.

What is a New Moon gathering?

 New Moon gatherings are a time to come together and drop what separates us. In order to set our intentions for the month, we need to release all that is not serving us. While this can be done alone, it is that much more powerful when done in a communal setting, specifically with other women. Here we can feel empowered to drop our barriers andmake space for what we're manifesting. Think of it as your New Moon ritual intensified.  Stay tuned for details on our first Kismet New Moon circle on November 16th in San Francisco!

Natalie Rizzo