October 5th, 2017: Aries Full Moon

photo courtesy of @lvlcollective (Instagram)

photo courtesy of @lvlcollective (Instagram)

Aries Full Moon :: October 5, 2017

It's Libra season! For those who attended our first Astrology workshop last weekend (recap linked here), we learned the key traits of the Libra sign: balanced reason and relationship focused. So what happens when the Aries (fire; spontaneity) Full Moon occurs during Libra season? We're talking lots of spontaneous action, but not for no reason—we're trying to resolve something deeper.

Let's back up for a second. What does each month's Full Moon even represent? While we sow the seeds and set our intentions during the New Moon towards the end of the month (more on this in a few weeks), a full moon feels like an energetic release— a celebration, or an outburst. Think cathartic transformation.

Full moons will mean something different to each of us. We might be inspired to take on more of a leadership role, have a strong urge to initiate, or develop a spirit of rebellion. But one thing will be universal: We will be urged to move through things that have been stagnant. A powerful way to do this is to feel deeply into our bodies.

A few practical steps on how to heal during this intense energy of today's New Moon:

Get quiet and go deeper into your physical self: True feelings won't surface if your mind is full of noise. An unstructured meditation can help you cut through the chatter: Set a timer for a minimum of five minutes and set an intention - ask your intuition what you want to know. Close your eyes and focus on your third eye while visualizing the color indigo. Sit with this color in your mind while you allow your true feelings to surface.

Take inventory: When someone/something upsets you, it is a mirror reflecting a part of you that needs to heal. Tune in. An easy action to take: Every time something causes you annoyance or discomfort, write it down. It can be as simple as "my co-worker's anxiety towards our project is distracting and annoying" Chances are, this co-worker's emotion reflects one that you've felt before, perhaps a trait that made you uncomfortable or uneasy. Sit with this and feel into it. Question your reaction.  It's okay to get angry, but anger without action is a losing battle. Decide how you want to channel these feels it in the coming weeks. 

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries: Stop saying yes to things that don't set your soul on fire.  That thing that doesn't even sound appealing when you're asked to do it will become even more excruciating when the time comes around to actually follow through. If things are coming into your life that you're not 100% excited about, it's time to weed them out. New mantra: if it's not a hell yes, it's a hell no.

Embrace it! New Moons, even amidst their intensity, are an incredibly powerful time. Lean into this.

How are you embracing today's cosmic energy? Look out for our upcoming Kismet workshops where we will be hosting New Moon circles, Astrology talks, manifestation sessions and more. #KismetCommunity

Natalie Rizzo