November 18th: Scorpio New Moon

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Diving deep. Emotional release. Harnessing your intuition. Any of these themes sound familiar? That's because Saturday night's Scorpio new moon is taking no prisoners when it comes to transformation. This New Moon wants us to heal, but we need to meet this energy halfway. Create your own ritual by clearing your energy (saging or smudging your space) and getting quiet. Listen to what comes up. If you can, gather with other women and take turns sharing. What is your body and mind calling on you to release? Like planting new seeds, it's important to dig up the dead roots before new life can grow. Themes that might come up could be related to: emotional sharing and release, feeling seen, sexual healing, forgiveness and confidence. Take these topics and set your intentions around them, 

Grow through what you go through.

If tough feelings or emotions come up, keep pushing through. One foot in front of the other. That's Scorpio energy at work and it wants to see you change. Just keep walking. Don't look down. You'll soon be on the other side, with a deeper connection and a transformed sense of spirit. 


Thank you to the lovely souls who came out for our first ever KISMET New Moon Circle on Thursday, November 16th. Stay tuned for photos! We can't wait for our next gathering in December.

Natalie Rizzo