THREE THINGS :: November Edition

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What Kismet Co-Creators Leah Abrahams and Natalie Rizzo are reading, consuming and coveting this month.

Leah's Picks

  1. Oh hello, new favorite serum. Not only does it leave my skin as smooth as butter, but it gives me a dewy glow that looks like I’ve just hit the steam room. And it’s unique blend of orchid extract and Japanese camellia flower smells so divine, you’ll want to bathe in it.

  2. To know me is to know that I am podcast obsessed. My most recent favorite is The Life Stylist podcast with Luke Storey. A fashion stylist turned wellness fanatic, Storey dives deep into the grooviest health hacks of the moment, on topics from functional fitness to sexual spiritual intimacy. Make sure to check out this recent episode where he interviews my manifestation advisor (and ultimate girl crush) Lacy Phillips as she breaks down her method of “calling in” all the things you’ve been dreaming of into your life.  

  3. Sweater weather is finally upon us in San Francisco. At the top of my fall wishlist is a bell-sleeved chunky knit to wear with all my high-waisted jeans. I’m currently eyeing this cozy Doen number. (Will post on our insta if I end up pulling the trigger.

Natalie's Finds

  1. I just treated myself to this unexpected FARIS single earring. I usually tuck my hair behind my ear on one side, and I just love when this dangling beauty peeks through. In the other ear, I’ve been sporting this guy for an asymmetrical look. I’m usually a gold lover, but this recent purchase has me feeling like more silver jewelry may be in my future.

  2. Seriously into this super-mellow reishi cacao mix for its grounding vibes and anti-anxiety properties. I don’t know if it’s the ritual of sitting down with a steaming hot cup or the cinnamony, dark chocolate taste of this blend that I love more, but I so look forward to this superfood treat each evening.

  3. Make sure give to Words of Women a follow, for a daily reminder of what you’re capable of. It’s one of those accounts where you’ll have to restrain yourself from regramming each and every post. Currently musing over this gem: “My advice to you is to commit some bright, brave sins while you still have time.” #ChallengeAccepted

Natalie Rizzo