High-Vibe Gift Guide: Kismet Picks

‘Tis the season for extending our abundance. To celebrate, we’ve compiled one-of-a-kind gift ideas inspired by our three KISMET verticals: the mystical (hello, perfect crystal collection), the tactile (DIY spirit infusions!) and the curious (a must-have opulence digital workshop). Scroll down for the most vibrational presents for the wellness-oriented, crafty, creative chicas in your life.

For the Mystical

  1. From rose quartz to amethyst to citrine, this Herbivore x Goldirocks Wellness Crystals set could be called the “greatest hits collection” (bonus points for the pink velvet pouch— no wrapping required!)

  2. This Free People x Sun Potion gift set contains the most high-vibe healing beauty products, from a jar of 100% raw unfiltered shea butter to a blend of organic reishi mushrooms that support mental clarity and immune function.

  3. Can you think of a more grounding gift than this 6-week meditation online workshop from Lauren Spencer King?

  4. We heart this assortment of Moon Dusts: Custom blends of super-adaptogenic, healing super-herbs proven to combat stress and nourish the body from the inside out.

  5. This Passion passion essential oil rollerball blend combines notes of sandalwood and jasmine flower to ignite feelings of excitement and counteract negative emotions. Yes, please.

For the Tactile

  1. Stocking stuffer goals: These Annie Costello Brown earrings. And these.  I mean…

  2. We love this Brit+Co x Target ‘Embroider a Wall Hanging’ kit for the crafty creative in your life—no experience required.

  3. What’s better than a cashmere? A cashmere sweater that cuts out the middleman and sells direct to consumer sat a fraction of the retail price. That’s the Naked Cashmere mission, and we’re big fans.

  4. Gift your spirit-loving friends this DIY cocktail kit of alcoholic infusions, complete with a book of artisan recipes such as: Pomegranate, Pineapple Coconut, Orange, Spiced Apple Cinnamon, Cucumber and more.

  5. Never underestimate the power of a beautiful bar of soap with calming lavender and clary sage. Especially when it comes in chic, minimal packaging by Palermo Body.

For the Curious

  1. Never ones for keeping a written calendar, the game totally changed when we discovered Passion Planner. Organized with weekly and monthly layouts, “Good Things that Happened” sections, and Passion Roadmaps, it’s the perfect hybrid of practical planning tool and major manifestation aid.

  2. This stunning book contains the most awe inspiring compilation of sculptures, art, stories, and interviews from the world's greatest gathering of artists, Burning Man (and it will look just as good under your tree as it will on your coffee table!).

  3. We’ve been on the edge of our seats for Nadine Artemis’s latest book, Renegade Beauty. Part self-care bible, part holistic healing how-to, it’s the perfect gift-spo for anyone who wants to maximize their own radiant beauty.

  4. This deck of ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ cards offers 52 affirmations of spiritual guidance, synchronicity and support, and messages of joy.

  5. In Lacy Phillips’ ‘Opulence’ digital workshop, she teaches participants to tap into their subconscious belief structures to help expand their energetic money flow via daily journaling prompts and guided meditations (hello, 2018 abundance). We’ve already signed up for this one and plan on gifting a few tickets to our nearest and dearest.

Natalie Rizzo