Kismet Fall Favorites

Cozy fall vibes. Anyone else?

Cozy fall vibes. Anyone else?

It’s that cozy time of year, right before all the holiday razzle dazzle, that we feel an intense pull to go inward. We’re feeling an almost insatiable need to cut the intense socializing and hunker down and pull our energy in, to brace ourselves for the total extraversion that the holidays require. Feeling grateful that we have so much in our lives to celebrate and enjoy, and that we also know our bodies well enough to take a cue when it’s time to pull back and rest. Below, a few of our favorite fall thing that we think you’ll enjoy, too. :-D

  1. Roasted Dandelion Root Tea: We served this tea at our last few workshops and had so many people come up to us and ask where they could find it. It has a toasted, chicory taste that feels almost savory. Plus, the dandelion root helps promote detoxification. We’re kind of obsessed.

  2. November Playlist: This Spotify playlist from one of our fave bloggers, Lee from America, is on repeat this month. With jams from Taj Mahal to Fleetwood Mac, it’s the perfect mix to pump up or slow down.

  3. Goe Oil: One word: Mmmmm. Our friends at Credo Beauty introduced us to this body oil, and it’s just about the most nourishing and intoxicating thing we’ve ever put on our skin. Made with 28 naturally-derived plant, fruit and flower oils and butters, lightly scented with Monoi from Tahiti, we can’t stop lathering ourselves in this baby. (Perfect to use during your abhyanga practice, too!)

  4. Daily Reprograming Exercise: We’re loving this online workshop from one of our favorite coaches and healers, Free & Native. This course has you focus on a specific trigger that comes up each day, and take this experience through a tried and true formula, which combines guided meditation with journaling prompts. The idea is to take the things that are bugging us, annoying us or frustrating us and use them as information, not blocks, and fuel for greater change. Big. Shifts. Are. Happening.

  5. Everlane Wide Leg Crop: It’s not easy to find cute pants that work for both meetings and weekend lounging. That’s why this Everlane Wide Leg Crop is a serious dream come true. The fit is fantastic and doesn’t cut in to our sides in a way that feels constrictive like some other high-waisted styles do. (Plus, the brand is 100% sustainable and ethically sourced!).

  6. At Home Yoga Practice: Something about the colder weather just makes us want to slow down, and this fall, we’ve been leaning into more grounding, less intense workouts. This 30 minute yoga practice for strength and flexibility is the perfect mix of heat building, stretching and meditation.  Plus, we don’t have to leave our cozy homes—a win-win.

  7. Intuitive Healing: This book was recommended by one of our dear Kismet community members and we cannot put it down. Written by an M.D. and spiritual intuitive, it centers on the idea that we can heal our bodies and prevent illness by tapping into our own inner guidance, subtle energy and paying close attention to our dreams. (More to come soon on our personal health journeys, too, BTW).

  8. On Our Moon Candle: This ritual candle serves as a reminder to check in your body, slow down and tune up. And it’s delicious blend of sandalwood, tobacco, rose and patchouli is grounding, supportive meditative. We’re seriously digging the vibes; both how it smells and what it stands for.

Natalie Rizzo