Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Self-Love Inspired

We're dedicating this February 14th to our most important Valentines — ourselves. Whether you are alone or in partnership, we encourage you to use this sacred day as an excuse to practice your self-love muscle and treat yourself to something that supports healing and relaxation. Because it's it the truest truth that when we commit to supporting ourselves deeply and fully, the rest just flows so much more easily? From the most beautiful meditation pillow to an adaptogenic CBD oil blend that we want to drizzle on everything, click through the links below for our very favorite self-love inspired gift ideas. 


  1. Bodha Linen Eye Pillow; $38,
  2. Saje Beech Light Wood Aromatic Diffuser; $109,
  3. Garnet Crystal (for it's self-love and self healing properties); Priced by weight;
  4. CAP Beauty The Daily Hit CBD Oil; $96,
  5. Bodha Ritual Incense Holder; $52,
  6. Bodha Ritual Incense Set; $28,
  7. The Moon Juice Cookbook; $30,
  8. Moondeli Meditation Tonic; $40,
  9. Butter Body Elixir; $35;
  10. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao; $15;
  11. Tibetan Singing Bowl; $84,
  12. La Tierra Sagrada Hair Treatment; $44,
Natalie Rizzo