Harness Your Intuition This Pisces Season

Elizabeth Hay Photography

Elizabeth Hay Photography

Feeling a bit more imaginative or creative than usual? Us too. Pisces season (February 19-March 20) is upon us, and this mutable water sign's passionate, communicative energy may have us craving communication, amping up our introspection and finding ways compromise. Pisces is known for its sensitivity, so prepare to give yourself a little extra TLC this months as you tend to any old wounds, and lean into the softening and the healing of the collective energy.

Do you believe in magic? Pisces sure do—some would even go as far to say they are the "psychics" of the zodiac. Your intuition may be at an all time high this month: Look out for "pings" or signs; when that little voice in your head is saying "go here" or "read this", make sure to listen to it. Your unconscious always holds more wisdom than your conscious perception, and it will be extra heightened this month. Pay attention, and leave yourself a few extra moments to daydream. Your sense of purpose and creativity will thank you.

Sometimes we need some extra help listening to our intuition and drowning out the noise. This quick five-minute meditation works wonders. Have a journal close by, to record all insights that show up.

  • Sit in a quiet, dimly lit area and focus on your breath. Count five on the inhale, and five on the exhale.
  • One you feel relaxed and at ease, start visualizing the color indigo, beginning at your third eye, the space between your eyebrows. Imagine the this deep blue/violet color radiating past your head, and getting larger with each breath as it fills your entire body.
  • With each breath, visualize this indigo light getting larger and larger, until it fills the entire room. Hold this space for as long as you need to let your mind fully wander and enter an unsconscious, meditative space. Let any messages come to you. 
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