Womanspired: Spotlight on Jessie May, HeartRise Founder

Photo Courtesy heartrisemovement.com

Photo Courtesy heartrisemovement.com

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we sat down with Jessie May, the founder of the powerful and expansive HeartRise Movement. Jessie is one of the brightest lights we have yet to meet. She teaches individuals, communities and corporations how to tap into the powerful source energy that lives within their hearts. Her main message: The more we practice empowering the heart’s natural rhythm, the more we feel a resonance within ourselves and our experience, and others are inevitably drawn to us. Couldn’t we all use more of that?

Scroll down to read our interview with Jessie, where you'll find a special guided meditation recording that she gifted to our KISMET community.

What’s your sign?

Sagittarius - Fuego in the house!

Current dwelling.

Venice Beach, California

How did HeartRise begin?

I’ve always listened to a deeper knowing within. HeartRise is an honoring of that—a testament to my knowing heart, which is so imperative to the practice. It evolved and unfolded out of my own journey as a entrepreneur, creative and guide, through inner curiosity and honoring my heart’s wisdom.

It was really when I dove into coaching that HeartRise began to take shape. At the time, coaching was done at a very heady level. Whether I was working with businessmen or business plans, the coach mind frame tends to be intellectual and planning-oriented. Inevitably, nothing ever goes according to plan. I started to develop a deeper vision that the knowing heart is the way in, and when we unblock what is jammed there, we ignite the greater energy. 

Tell me a little bit more about what it means to be “blocked”.

In my book I call it “emotional constipation”—so many of us are too afraid to feel, and we are programmed and conditioned to thinking that feelings are unsavory. We grade our feelings: some are acceptable and some are not. Those who are the most emotionally constricted will often live in a very controlled environment ruled by rigid thinking and habitual operating systems. This can be a very painful way to live, but most people grow complacent in their pain, learning to hold onto this discomfort and suffer through it.

Our heart has enough power (through electromagnetic fields) to light up a small city, and HeartRise is all about plugging into this powerful energy. Once activated, we can repurpose this blocked energy as fuel, and alchemize the noise. Using a simple 4-step method, HeartRise helps us re-channel the energy that our busy minds would otherwise hold onto (known as stress) and the tension we hold in our physical bodies (toxic buildup, dis-ease).

What’s an easy way to distinguish leading from the head vs. the heart?

When you’re in your head you tend to feel shut down, disconnected, or busy judging yourself or another. Your mind can feel like a runaway train, plagued with stress, judgment, fear, worry, and comparison.

When you’re living from your heart, you will find resonance; rhythm. You will feel in the flow. Little synchronicities or “winks”—kismet connections!—happen in that flow state. You’re more open, present and available. 

I imagine that as we start to tap more into our heart space, some friendships or environments that might have felt comfortable previously will no longer feel right. Do you have any advice for someone navigating this shift?

Absolutely. The more we lead from our heart, the more the right people and opportunities present themselves. This also means that certain people and certain relationships may have to fall away. More often than not, our radiance will be contagious to people (“I want what she’s having”). But if someone is in a funk and not willing to meet you where you are, that’s a big “aha” that there needs to be a clear boundary. 

What is your advice to women who are trying to figure out what truly ignites their passion?

Practicing meditation and creating space are some of the most powerful things you can do. Journal about what really lights you up—don’t type it, go unapologetically to the blank page of an unlined notebook and let whatever wants to come out flow. When you’re driving and a thought comes into your mind—say, to check out that salsa class—pay attention. Follow it. Participate in those meet ups, community-based groups. People are where the magic sauce happens. 

How can our Kismet community experience the magic of HeartRise?

As a gift to your community, I have extended a HeartRise AWAKENING meditation. https://www.heartrisemovement.com/heartrise-awakening

Where can we find all things HeartRise?

Stay tuned for our upcoming KISMET x HeartRise events in San Francisco's Bay Area!

Natalie Rizzo