Spotlight On: Emily Race, Intuitive Leadership Coach

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When we really break down the "why" behind Kismet's creation, we can boil it down to one purpose—connecting with expansive, creative, resilient women and bringing their teachings to our community. Emily Race, Los Angeles based facilitator and coach, is no exception: Her workshops and discussions focused on topics such as leading with the feminine and breaking unconscious bias are profound experiences that invite radical transformation and growth. We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Emily later this month, as she brings her teachings to San Francisco. Scroll down to learn more about Emily's personal journey, her experience connecting women and what to expect from her upcoming Kismet workshop: "Getting Unsuck" (you can purchase tickets here!).

How did you get your start leading workshops?:

My first calling to lead workshops for women was somewhat selfish. It was 2015. I’m 4 years living in LA (moved from the East Coast). Fresh out of a breakup. Starving for community. I realized I hadn’t had a solid group of female friends for several years … and I was craving it desperately without knowing where to look. I decided to create that community on my own. Through conversations I had with women from different parts of my life, I realized we were all on a similar search for deep connection, to be seen & heard, and to feel supported. I also felt a hunger to get out into nature more, so I organized a camping retreat that brought a group of women together out in the wilderness to get reconnected to mama earth, each other & ourselves. 

Creating that trip was so nerve-wracking. I actually escaped the first morning to get more firewood just so I could talk myself out of a nervous breakdown in my car…! I was carrying all of this self-inflicted pressure to make the weekend perfect & social anxiety was creeping in. To my surprise, when I came back from my "errand escape”, there was conversation naturally flowing & connection all around. (It’s the woman’s way!) I relaxed into this environment and the rest of the weekend flowed with it. This was exactly where I wanted to be…and I heard from the rest of the women that they felt the same. 

What has been your biggest takeaway thus far in doing this work?

When women come together with intention of sharing and support we all heal a lot of deep unspoken (& unrealized) wounds. Some of these are our own. Some we inherited… from our mothers, their mothers, and so on. Women are resilient AF - because without even realizing it, we are often operating in contexts and conditions that are not aligned with our truest, natural way of being. Instead we’ve become really good at adapting to “a certain way”, whether its what we say, how we dress, what dreams we chase, or how we move in the world. Fortunately I see the world is naturally evolving to a balanced place where both masculine and feminine exist together in partnership. That said, this is a journey. We have healing to do in the process. Healing is not always pretty, easy, or fun, but with the support of other women around you who can be mirrors to your own experience it can soften that experience & nurture you along the way.

Tell us your Sun/moon/Rising Signs. Do any of your attributes relate directly back to these signs?

Sun - Capricorn. Moon - Leo. Rising - Aquarius. 

YES! Hardworking, ambitious, likes to be in nature, a little bit “weird” or “different", curious & creative, with a desire to make the world a better place. On the downside— I can be a workaholic, place more importance on external validation than I would like, and can get introverted to the point of “standoffish” (as some charts say.)  I think I’m drawn to the work that I do because it plays equally into my strengths as well as challenges my shadow. 

Where are you originally from?

Western Massachusetts. I “ran away” from the east coast 6 years ago after being fed up with the weather … and the identity that I had created there. For a long time I struggled with feeling like I belonged. I was lost, spinning but afraid to trust my desire to move out west. I’m so grateful for this choice, but am also at a stage of my own journey where I’m piecing back together the parts of me that I tried to abandon when I moved out to LA.  

Favorite high-vibe activities?

Anything that involves being close to the natural world. If I go to long without this I notice the impact on my mental and physical well-being. I’m not strict about it, but I like to start each morning getting grounded in my body somehow. Lately my ritual has been stretching, drinking cacao, picking an oracle card and journaling. But really, it doesn’t have to always look that way. Sometimes simply taking 5 minutes to close my eyes and acknowledge the energy in my body is enough. I’m also a “women’s circle” junkie and am a part of groups that bring women together for various reasons. 

What can our Kismet community expect from your 'Getting Unstuck' workshop later this month?

To walk away feeling closer to your truth. To have confidence in the permission to be there and express it. I promise to hold you in the highest light of yourself. I operate from a "fierce love". You’ll try on new things, have different conversations than you have been having. I can guarantee a shift in perspective. Consider it “coming home”. 

Natalie Rizzo