Getting 'Unstuck' • A Peek Inside the Process with Emily Race

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We are so excited to offer our upcoming workshop with L.A-based Intuitive Leadership Coach Emily Race. In her upcoming Kismet workshopGetting Unstuck: How to Regain Your Momentum & Find Your Flow, Emily will provide tools inspired by age-old wisdom that work with you instead of against you. Below, Emily shares with us a glimpse into her own experience of getting "unstuck" and the lessons we can take from it. Scroll down for more, and purchase tickets for her workshop here.


Funny enough, the last time I got stuck was in writing this blog post. 

I spent over a week spinning my wheels on what to say and waited until the last possible moment to get it done.  

Spinning is just one version of “stuck-ness”. There’s also anxiety, avoidance, frustration, pushing, guilt, stress — just to name a few. 

In other words, “stuck-ness” is anything that doesn't feel like complete freedom, pleasure and flow. 

We deserve a lot more free-flowing-pleasure in our lives.

Being stuck is not a bad thing. It’s how we address it that matters.  

If you asked me this nine years ago, I’d be answering you from my advertising job in New York City, where I spent the majority of my time working from the office until 11pm followed by a night at the bar to take a load off from the day. “Just push through it”, I would have told you. “Anything you want in life is possible if you work hard enough for it.”

It’s understandable why this was my perspective. Most messages around us reinforce the "promise of the push”. They say resting is for the weak and the lazy. If you take a break, you may miss your big shot. 

Sound familiar? 

Fast forward to today. In the moment I recognized I was stuck writing this post, I laughed. I took a pause. I closed my eyes, and got grounded. Breathing in, I asked myself, “What do I need here?” Breathing out, the answer came; it was also a question. “What do you want people to know?”

In the spaciousness that opened up, I spoke this vision out loud:

I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be so hard. That you deserve to listen to your body, to give yourself the permission to do whatever it needs. For many of us this is a new muscle we're training, and it will take some practice, some time. 

It will also be easy. We already know this. We’re just remembering our truth. It’s only a matter of quieting our mind, the chatter that tells us otherwise, the part of self who is fearful of failure, betrayal and regret. 

As I sit on the other end of this blog post— on the other side of the “stuck-ness”— I remember this simple phrase:

There is no “right way”. Only what’s right for me, right now. 

Natalie Rizzo