The Start to Sagittarius Season

image courtesy @danibeinstein

image courtesy @danibeinstein

Still feeling the after effects of that Scorpio New Moon? Us too. But take a moment to exhale, because Sagittarius season (November 23-December 21) is upon us with all of its outgoing, playful and expansive energy. Bring on the holiday cheer!

Let’s back up for a second. What does a "zodiac season" even mean? Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign, and the ever-present worldly energy shifts to take on this sign’s characteristics. You will feel this shift regardless of your sign sun.  As we learned in our Astrology Basics workshop, Sagittarius is a fire sign (freedom, passion, spirit & energy) and a mutable sign (adaptable, free flowing). 

As the intense energy of Scorpio comes to a close, we’re likely feeling transformed and a little bit depleted. Sagittarius arrives guns blazing, asking us to embrace our optimism and channel our inner wildness. Give yourself permission to laugh, because Sags have no time for people who take themselves too seriously. Perhaps most importantly, Sagittarius season is a time to take risks. What have you always wanted to try? It’s time to go beyond your comfort zone and finally take that bucket-list trip that’s been calling your name, or ask for that promotion you’ve been calling in.

One caveat: The shadow side of the Sagittarius sign is that it can be a lot of talk without a lot of walk. Make sure not to just declare your goals, but to actually chase after them. Go on, go-getter.  The world truly is your oyster this month.

Natalie Rizzo