meet our mavens



Emily Race

Emily is an executive coach, content creator & facilitator that works with individuals and organizations to create realignment with our inner wisdom, values and sense of purpose. She specializes in coaching women around “leading with the feminine”, using structures that support following our intuition, honoring our needs, and tapping into the power of the collective so that we can show up as the powerful leaders that we are in the areas of life that are important to us.  Find her workshops here.



lucia lilikoi

Lucia is a Spanish born, San Francisco Bay Area based singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. She combines her voice, piano, ukulele, guitar, looping pedal, and other instruments gathered in her travels, to alchemize her imagination with prayers to the earth and water. She often collaborates with other Bay Area artists, creating diverse soundscapes that she calls dream folk. More on Lucia and her schedule here

Sachi with lemon water.jpg

Sachi doctor

Sachi Doctor is a holistic health educator, tea maker and the founder of Elemental Alchemy. Imbued in Eastern tradition and Western culture since childhood, both ancient healing practices and modern medical systems have shaped her understanding of health. 

Balancing the wisdom of these two worlds, Sachi blends Ayurvedic principles, yogic philosophy, plant-based medicine and nutrition to help individuals reconnect with their natural rhythms and cultivate awareness for what makes them feel most alive, and in doing so, hopes to empower people to reclaim agency in defining personal health and wellbeing. 


Ally Subrahmanyam & Meghan Tracey

Ally and Meghan were brought together through shared visions of journeys near and far and a curiosity for all things magical. Since they found each other, they have been following their wanderlust together while also indulging in the beauty of their homeland. They are both San Francisco natives with a love for sunsets, the ocean, medicinal plants, nature, healing music and the mystical. Together they have moved through many moon cycles, welcoming and releasing, again and again.  

Julia Plevin.jpg

Julia plevin

Julia Plevin is a designer, author, and creative entrepreneur. As the founder of The Forest Bathing Club, she facilitates transformative nature experiences designed to enable individuals to reconnect to themselves, their communities, and the whole planet. She believes that spending intentional time engaging with the more-than-human world is a path towards physical and spiritual healing and awakens individuals to their true nature. All of her work and play is in service to Mother Earth. 

Christine Munroe.jpg

christine munroe

Christine Munroe is a Fiber Artist who works with many mediums to create her one of a kind pieces that bring style and warmth into any space. 

With a background in Fashion and Photography, Christine headed West from New York City to further her creative career and her avid passion for nature. She believes that through creating and sharing art, it's possible for anyone to find a meaningful sense of peace, fulfillment and deeper purpose. She currently lives and creates in San Francisco, California. 

Courtney Alex.jpg

courtney alex

A born empath, psychic and medium, Courtney's life changed dramatically when she began studying professional tools for reading energy, using them in daily life in a safe, effective, not to mention FUN way to receive guidance and experience magic. Now, she wants to share these tools with you! We are ALL intuitive, uniquely gifted at sensing energy in our own ways, and miracles happen as soon as we open to this type of guidance. Courtney's mission is to help deepen our connection to intuition and inner guidance, thereby awakening our full potential!

megangreenprofile copy.jpeg

Megan Lathrop

Finanseer, Co-Creator of the Money Coaching Program at Capital One, CFP®, Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, M.A. 

I walk this earth to help usher in the new paradigm: a way of being, living, and operating in the world that is in alignment with the highest good for all. We are entering a new level of consciousness as a collective: a vibration where we economically, politically, environmentally, and relationally exist in harmony. If you are ready to master your relationship with money using universal wisdom, join my private Facebook group here

Casey Zabala.png

Casey zabala

Casey Zabala is an artist, tarot reader, practicing witch, and mystic. Her self published tarot deck, Wanderer's Tarot, is a feminist divination deck for modern witches.
The journey began when Casey was given her first tarot deck at age 13, unfolding a magical pathway to her soul’s work. With 16 years of tarot experience, Casey has a studied and intuitive approach to her readings, while she incorporates elements of natural magic and manifestation techniques to her offerings. She believes the tarot is a tool for personal empowerment and healing, and hopes to empower others to use the tarot as a vehicle for self-discovery. Passionate about mystical and magical arts, Casey hopes to do her part to heal the collective through individual tarot readings and artistic expression.