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meet the creators

Leah Abrahams & Natalie Rizzo

We bring over 8 years of creative experience in the fashion and beauty industries working and consulting for brands such as Credo Beauty, Pinterest, InStyle, Ralph Lauren, Saint Jane Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kat Von D Beauty, Ole Henriksen and Bite Beauty.

After meeting serendipitously at our last corporate job (we'll call it kismet), we bonded over our own shared interest in healing and spirituality. Yet as we each developed our own unique relationship to these alternative modalities, we realized that there is no roadmap that teaches you how to do "the work". We decided to change that and cultivate a unique community of practitioners and individuals looking to heal, awaken, and expand. We are no experts – we're simply exploring, learning and growing right alongside you. We hope you'll join us.